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Google Cloud · Devices · Implementation

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Google Cloud Platform

Solve your toughest research challenges with AI-powered, industry-focused combinations of products and services.​


Google Workspace

Work collaboratively in a fluid online environment. Get started on Google Workspace.​


Chrome OS

The speedy, simple and secure operating system that powers every Chromebook, Windows and Mac device.


Training & Support

User training, admin training, general support solutions, GCP support packages


Google  Voice

Google Voice works on mobile devices, laptops, and supported deskphones so you’re always connected.



Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, ChromeOS Flex, Chrome Upgrades, device storage, and more...


System Integration

Single Sign-On (SSO), Moodle, ActiveDirectory, ... you name it, we solve it.

Customers in 19 Countries


Our Happy Clients

Our growing list of universities, research institutes, hospitals, schools, kindergartens but also startups and SMEs

Lecturio GmbH

Customer Story

Seamless collaboration and data security

HS Mittweida

Customer Story

Saxeden network gives founders access to Automl

Eduki GmbH

Customer Story

How Google Workspace revolutionized our business processes

Universitätsklinikum Ulm

Customer Story

Protein interaction forecast by AI and Machine Learning

EIM - European Institute of Management

Customer Story

Creating a State-Accredited Higher Education online institution

PVPU Euro College - Kumanovo

Customer Story

Empowering Efficient Communication and Collaboration in Education

Schule Oberthal

Customer Story

Google WorkSpace for Education - it can be that easy

Primarschule Wichtrach

Customer Story

Efficient lessons and smooth cooperation

Klinikum rechts der Isar

Customer Story

Cloud-based voice model training with TPUS

TUM Technische Universität München

Customer Story

Scaling of AI-based protein design

Constructor Group

Customer Story

Predicting Failures in Complex Software System

Tomorrows Education

Customer Story

From Zero To Remote-first Learning Degree Program In 5 Months

Universität Ulm

Customer Story

Discover explanable AI with the online game "Guess the City"

SIS Saxony International School Cairo West

Customer Story

Media -supported lessons through the latest technology

Freie Schule Schwepnitz

Customer Story

Optimization of school lessons during pandemic

Dragomanov University

Customer Story

Using Google Educational Services during Pandemia and War

International School Augsburg

Customer Story

Transforming the Tech Ecosystem at International School Augsburg

Schulen Oy-Mittelberg

Customer Story

Chromebooks as a service device, student unit and loan device (OY-Mittelberg)

Schule Uetendorf

Customer Story

From the PC room to 1: 1 equipment

Oberschule Hämelerwald

Customer Story

Digital transformation enables effective distance lessons

Politecnico di Torino

Customer Story

Evaluation of TCF Standards on High-Traffic European Websites

Singidunum University Belgrade

Customer Story

From On-Premise Challenges to Cloud Success

Digital Mittelschule St. Leonhard

Customer Story

Chromebooks in the school bags of the students

Schule Konolfingen

Customer Story

Data management - The concept at the Konolfingen school

University of Vienna

Customer Story

Flexibility & performance: Google Cloud instead of local infrastructure

BIS School Haimhausen

Customer Story

Streamlining Collaboration and Simplifying Administration

CODE University of Applied Sciences

Customer Story

Enhancing Efficiency with Google Workspace and
Single Sign-On

Universität Siegen

Customer Story

Google Translate API to support research projects

VG Hofheim i. Ufr.

Customer Story

With WorkSpace Edu through the Lockdown

SMS Mondsee

Customer Story

The development from a tablet to the digital school

University College "Reald"

Customer Story

Enhanced Communication, Privacy, and Security

Verbier International School

Customer Story

Reduced maintenance time and increased flexibility and security

TH Köln

Customer Story

Adaptive Campus Services and student modeling with Google AI

Sabine Blindow Schulen

Customer Story

Teaching and learning will be flexible

formatio Privatschule

Customer Story

Limitless collaboration with Google Workspace

Central Ukrainian National Technical University

Customer Story

How Google Workspace Improved Email and Storage

Universitätsspital Basel

Customer Story

Metadata cloud-linked to laboratory information system

Facts For You

Our excellent track record in the EMEA region shapes open and trustworthy research and academic environment.

We Are Certified

Digital Schooling is a certified company and our employees rely on continuous training.

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