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Meet Duet AI: Google's latest AI Update

Introducing Duet AI, Google's real-time collaborator, the innovation ensures enhanced productivity and tailored responses without compromising data privacy, reinforcing the company's dedication to user control and peace of mind in the realm of workspace advancements.

Hello there. As a part of its ongoing commitment to building products that prioritize user choice, control, and security. Google has been dedicated to these principles for the past 25 years. In today's ever-evolving landscape of generative AI, the focus on privacy has never been more crucial. Google has recently unveiled its privacy commitments, reinforcing security and compliance measures for businesses, educational institutions, and government customers. In the realm of innovation, the next wave of workspace enhancements is on its way. Meet Duet AI, your real-time AI collaborator, making tasks like crafting email responses and building sales presentations not only faster, but tailored to your unique needs. Based on work documents and emails. Imagine a scenario where your boss requests a summary of Q3 financial results the night before a crucial meeting. In the past, it could take hours of manual effort. Now, with Duet AI, it's as simple as asking. Create a summary of Q3 financial performance. Duet AI takes the reins, identifying relevant emails and documents, generating a tailored response, and even citing the source content all in a matter of seconds, saving you valuable time. It only uses your content to enhance responses and does not employ your data to train or improve itself or any other generative AI models. This means Duet AI is not just an innovation, it's a secure and compliant addition to our commitment to your data privacy, your data, your control and your peace of mind. That's the promise of Duet AI from Google workspace.

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