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That's how Google Workspace helps you with your Start-up (German Audio)

Google offers a comprehensive support package for startups looking to start their own business. With the start level, start-ups receive extensive support for a smooth start.

Hello everyone. If you dream of building your own business, then you've come to the right place. At Google you won't be left behind with your startup. The eligible startups are assigned to the level and corresponding benefits that best suit the phase you are in. Let's start with the so-called "starting stage". This package applies to small companies that have not yet received equity financing. The prerequisites for a smooth collaboration are: It must be a technology startup that is not yet supported by an institutional investor. The company must have been founded in the last five years and no Google Cloud credit should have been received yet. With this package you can receive up to two thousand dollars of Google Cloud credit from Google for a full two years. You will also receive five hundred dollars of Google Cloud Skills Boost credit for online courses. You have direct access to countless practice-oriented labs to strengthen your individual skills. If anything is unclear, technical support is always there to help you. With Google Cloud Customer Care's scalable and flexible services, you can easily get the support your business needs. There is also the opportunity to network with other startups in our global Google Cloud Community. With the starting tier, you get Google Workspace Business Plus free for new sign-ups for twelve months and two hundred dollars free usage per month on the Google Maps platform. A completely new advantage, which I would also like to tell you about today, is access to AI webinars and content. Discover with us the revolutionary capabilities of artificial intelligence with our Google tools. Another new aspect is access to Google Cloud. Events at global Web3 conferences such as Paris Blockchain Week, Consensus and Token2049 in Singapore. Here at Digital Schooling you will also receive five hundred dollars of Google Cloud credits with the start kit so that you can get off to a smooth start. Let's start the future together and we wish you much success in using Google workspace.

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