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Chromebooks in the school bags of the students



Chromebooks in the school bags of the students

Digital Mittelschule St. Leonhard

The Digital Mittelschule St. Leonhard is a school in Styria (Austria) that specializes in the mediation of digital skills. The students learn here with the latest technology and receive comprehensive training.

The Challenge

As part of the Austrian device initiative, we opted for Chromebooks and Google Workspace for Education. Thus, the administration of the devices remains at school and not with external companies. Most tools that we use in class are web applications, which means that the updates are automatically carried out. Apps such as Minecraft or Lego Wedo were easily installed.

The Solution

The children have their devices with them every day. They are used in all subjects: to write down and arithmetic, to work in the school books or on learning platforms, for drawing, to look at learning videos or to design presentations. Google Translate is open to many in a tab. In this way, individual words or entire work orders can be translated and well executed.

The Results

Rolling out the Chromemp3 recorder in the project week on all devices worked without any problems. In the 1st grade we use classcraft. We create tasks in the Google Classroom, which are then displayed in Classcraft. A calendar for using space makes it easier for teachers to make everyday life. House exercises are entered in a Google form and can be viewed on the school homepage.

The Highlight

Our blind student uses Chromebook with Chromevox and headphones. This enables her to solve some tasks independently, like her classmates. "My dad wants me to get a chromebook too."

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