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Use of GCP as scalabale and easy to manage research ressource



Use of GCP as scalabale and easy to manage research ressource

Technische Universität Hamburg

The Institute of Aircraft Production Technology, Hamburg University of Technology is a leading research institution for automation and digitization in the aviation sector. With over a decade of experience and close to thirty research projects, we strive to create new technology for aircraft production and maintenance.

The Challenge

We require easily deployable, scalable and manageable computing resources. Since most research projects are highly individual, shared environments are challenging to maintain on our own. Thus, GCP allowed us to alleviate that problem.

The Solution

We used Compute Engine and GCP Marketplace to deploy various solutions to multiple members of our staff and student team. With the abundance of Marketplace solutions, little set-up or configuration time was needed to create specific applications.

The Results

We achieved scalability through deploying multiple VMs running in parallel. Decreased time to train complex AI models through access to TPU machines.

The Highlight

With VertexAI's (AutoML) platform, you can train and deploy a high-end solution with just a few button clicks.

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