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Creating a State-Accredited Higher Education online institution



Creating a State-Accredited Higher Education online institution

EIM - European Institute of Management

EIM Education is a higher education institution that offers a range of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs in business, finance, marketing, and management that are accredited by the Maltese government and are taught by experienced industry professionals who meet all the academic requirements.

The Challenge

Our objective was to create a new online higher education institution in Europe that would be fully accredited by the state. The institution would operate exclusively through an intuitive and user-friendly educational platform that can be easily managed by both students and faculty members.

The Solution

Obtaining accreditation for the software posed a significant bureaucratic challenge, but Google's favorable reputation with government agencies proved to be advantageous. Thankfully, no extensive training of teachers was required for Google Workspace for Education since the software is self-explanatory.

The Results

Google Forms provides a hassle-free solution for managing new student enrollment without requiring additional software. Google Classroom enables seamless document sharing with students, while invoicing can be efficiently handled using Google Sheets and Google Docs.

The Highlight

Google Workspace for Education is an efficient and intuitive platform that is easy to navigate, making it a popular choice for educators and students alike. Its user-friendly design and features allow for streamlined document sharing, collaboration, and management of educational tasks.

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