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Data management - The concept at the Konolfingen school



Data management - The concept at the Konolfingen school

Schule Konolfingen

The Konolfingen school is a voks school in the canton of Bern. The elementary school system is a common task of the communities and the canton. The municipalities ensure that every child can attend elementary school. On behalf of the educational directorate of the canton of Bern, the school inspectorate lead the technical supervision of kindergartens and schools.

The Challenge

Data processing is legally regulated by cantonal data protection laws. The schools must ensure that no “particularly worthy of personal personal data” are transmitted abroad. If the Google Workspace for Education wants to use as a teaching platform, it is advisable to secure it with the framework contract between Educa and Google.

The Solution

The legal requirements of the canton of Berns thus force school to carry out a data triage. This means that not all data generated at school can be processed with the same service (Google WorkSpace for Education). An administrative and a teaching level was thus set up in Konolfingen. Usage scenarios were described and analyzed.

The Results

The Konolfingen school uses Google Workspace for Education and Chromebooks. It attaches particular importance to the fact that teachers and learners are sensitized in dealing with their personal data. The teachers also have a different digital platform for the collection of all assessment -relevant and sensitive data from the learners.

The Highlight

Thanks to the concrete, transparent and consistent data management, the Konolfingen school has a concept with which Google Workspace for Education can be used as a teaching environment in all cycles of the elementary school.

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