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Digital transformation enables effective distance lessons



Digital transformation enables effective distance lessons

Oberschule Hämelerwald

The Hämelerwald secondary school is an educational institution in the Hämelerwald in Lower Saxony, which offers its students a comprehensive general education from 5th to 10th grade and attaches importance to a supportive learning environment and committed pedagogical staff.

The Challenge

The high school founded in 2018 had digital school equipment before the pandemic, but the lessons did not go completely digitally in March 2020. The students had not yet familiarized themselves with the devices and in the shortest possible time everyone should work with Chromebooks and Google Workspace for Education.

The Solution

We introduced Google WorkSpace for Education with Google Classroom to enable simple and comfortable communication with the students. As a result, we were able to offer you stable video conferences via Google Meet and provide digital working materials, which means that no more printers and scanners were necessary.

The Results

With Google WorkSpace for Education, we were able to maintain both contact with the students and lessons during the pandemic. By establishing a reliable everyday school life with video chats, tasks and digital lessons, we came through the pandemic well. The next step, the school -wide introduction of Chromebooks, was very easy for us.

The Highlight

"It was actually very easy. Creating the task, providing a little material and simply attaching an empty document. The children could hardly do anything wrong. And there were no problems with the video conferencing
heard from other schools. "
Deputy headmaster Christian Scholz

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