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Efficient lessons and smooth cooperation



Efficient lessons and smooth cooperation

Primarschule Wichtrach

The Wichtrach primary school includes the kindergartens and primary level (1st to 6th grade). There are a total of five kindergarten classes, which are housed at four different locations in the village. Secondary level 1 is organized in a community association of the municipalities of Wichtrach, Gerzensee, Jaberg, Kiesen, Kirchdorf and Oppligen.

The Challenge

In the beginning, our school had a document server that was used for the shelf of various documents such as worksheets and other resources. Each user had their own folder and all documents were accessible to everyone. A backup was created every two days to secure the data and ensure a smooth process.

The Solution

To find a more efficient solution, we chose Google Workspace. The platform proved to be more intuitive and less complicated. During the pandemic in 2020 we quickly created school accounts and shifted the lessons to the homeschool. This also concluded the use of Google Classroom. Over time, we integrated further services into the system.

The Results

With the introduction of Google Workspace, Chromebooks were also integrated into our school environment in the 5th and 6th grades. Google Workspace turned out to be extremely logical and intuitive. The platform enables a smooth teaching process and promotes cooperation between teachers and students.

The Highlight

The absolute highlight is the collaboration in real time in documents such as docs, tables and presentations. This function enables teachers and students to work on a document at the same time, make changes and exchange ideas. This seamless cooperation in the team has increased efficiency and significantly improved interactivity in class.

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