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Empowering Efficient Communication and Collaboration in Education



Empowering Efficient Communication and Collaboration in Education

PVPU Euro College - Kumanovo

Euro College is an educational institution located in North Macedonia. It offers academic courses in the area of Business Management, Computer Networking and Cyber Security, Music Business and Event Management but also customized courses to the working professionals in the country in the area of Accounting, English and IT.

The Challenge

In 2008, student email accounts were established on a mail server located in the college's data center. However, the institution quickly faced storage space limitations, leading students to delete emails to maintain functionality. Acquiring additional storage was costly, and sharing documents on the intranet proved challenging, requiring extensive coding efforts.

The Solution

Various solutions, such as learning management systems, were considered, but they were either costly or unsuitable. Subsequently, the college opted for the free Google Workspace for Education (formerly known as G Suite), which provided free storage and the ability to accommodate an almost unlimited number of users.

The Results

Google Workspace for Education revolutionized communication and collaboration in our educational institution by efficiently addressing email and storage concerns, while also enhancing student-teacher interaction through the implementation of groups, which were also utilized for authorization to internal websites via Google Sites.

The Highlight

During the pandemic, Euro College embraced Google Meet and Google Classroom extensively, enabling seamless virtual classrooms and facilitating collaborative work among students. With the ability to collaborate on documents and spreadsheets, as well as conveniently submit homework assignments, students experienced enhanced productivity and streamlined academic workflows.

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