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Enhancing Efficiency with Google Workspace and
Single Sign-On



Enhancing Efficiency with Google Workspace and
Single Sign-On

CODE University of Applied Sciences

CODE is an international and inclusive learning
environment that attracts digital pioneers from all
over the world and empowers them to live up to
their full potential. As a community, we stimulate
transformative innovation by fostering creativity,
critical thinking, collaboration, and
curiosity-driven learning.

The Challenge

Since its establishment in 2017, CODE University of Applied Sciences has consistently utilized Google Workspace as its primary
collaborative platform. Recognizing the necessity for a comprehensive
and integrated solution to facilitate academic and administrative
processes. However, the need to refine and enhance these functionalities became apparent with CODE's growth.

The Solution

Adopting Google Workspace for Edu+ marked a significant turning
point; we consolidated tools and services, notably enhancing
integration with CODE's LM and Student Management Systems.
Essential tools such as Google Meet eliminated the need for external
video conferencing software, simplifying the process and saving costs
associated with multiple platform subscriptions.

The Results

Google's Single Sign-On feature makes administrating access to
third-party solutions robust and easy to manage, and we can enforce
compliance by massively reducing shadow IT. Free credits offered by
Google Cloud, especially for Vertex AI, have become one of the most
embraced additional offerings. We are genuinely amazed by Google's
flexibility and agility at any time.

The Highlight

In addition to Google Workspace, we utilize Google
Cloud for our students, leveraging free credits to
enhance their learning experience. With robust
security features, including real-time alerts and
detailed reporting, Google Workspace for Education
Plus provides us with the comprehensive tools we
need to ensure a safe and productive digital
environment for our students and staff.

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