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From On-Premise Challenges to Cloud Success



From On-Premise Challenges to Cloud Success

Singidunum University Belgrade

FMK Fakultet za medije i komunikacije, located in Belgrade, Serbia, is a renowned academic institution that offers a diverse range of programs focused on media and communication studies, preparing students for successful careers in the field.

The Challenge

In the beginning we hosted our servers on-premise. That posed significant challenges in terms of security and downtime, as the faculty experienced breaches and sometimes periods of system unavailability due to limited resources, vulnerabilities in the infrastructure, and the need for constant maintenance and updates.

The Solution

The implementation of Google Workspace resulted in the elimination of the on-premise servers as the faculty seamlessly transitioned to the cloud-based platform, requiring a brief learning phase and configuration period, after which operations ran smoothly, eliminating the need for physical server maintenance and providing a scalable and reliable solution for their IT infrastructure.

The Results

By migrating to Google Workspace for Education, we experienced heightened IT security measures, we basically eliminated downtime, and we benefited from a suite of powerful tools, notably Google Docs and Google Drive, which enhanced collaboration, streamlined document management, and facilitated seamless access to files from any location or device.

The Highlight

Professors utilize Google Drive as a digital library, leveraging its storage capabilities to store academic documents and easily share them with their students, promoting efficient document management and seamless collaboration within an educational setting.

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