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From the PC room to 1: 1 equipment



From the PC room to 1: 1 equipment

Schule Uetendorf

Our school includes primary level, secondary level I, special lessons, day school, school social work, the domestic work, the school secretariat and school social work, the domestic attendance, the school secretariat and the school management. 660 children and adolescents and 130 teachers and participants work and learn at 5 locations.

The Challenge

With the LP21, the new MI (media and computer science) replaces the previous computer science. In August 2016, the educational directorate and the municipal association of the canton of the canton made new recommendations to the schools how technical equipment should look in the future. This gave the starting shot for the path from the PC room with 26 stations away to mobile 1: 1 devices with internet access.

The Solution

From 2013, inexpensive laptops in pools were made available for the 3rd to 6th grades. In the upper level, Google WorkSpace for Education has been in use since 2015, which can be used on all devices, but works particularly efficiently with Chromebooks, which are very handy and inexpensive and are perfectly tailored to Google Apps with the safe operating system Chrome OS.

The Results

All students have been equipped with a personal Chromebook on the inside of the upper level and every year works with identical devices that have a lifespan of 5-7 years. From summer 2023 a 1: 1 cover is to be reached from the 3rd to 9th grade. The administration of the devices is automated. Support and training are ensured by the Google Partner.

The Highlight

The pandemic brought an additional boost for the digital world of the school and also promoted acceptance and recognition in the general public. With the Chromebooks and the Google apps, we were able to guarantee remote lessons from the 5th to 9th grade. Both the learners and the teachers learned and appreciate the possibilities of classroom and Meet.

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