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From Zero To Remote-first Learning Degree Program In 5 Months



From Zero To Remote-first Learning Degree Program In 5 Months

Tomorrows Education

The remote-first Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences allows learners to build the 21st-century skills needed in the areas of sustainability, entrepreneurship, and technology through our revolutionary approach to education. We are building a community of empowered and connected individuals who will create a brighter and more sustainable future.

The Challenge

Our learners tackle real-world challenges to develop relevant competencies, using a digital platform that integrates advanced learning science and technology. However, time constraints made it challenging to address technical aspects such as access management, submission of results, and supporting collaboration and discussions with experts.

The Solution

By introducing Google as our identity provider, we managed access through learner email domains. All learners were given full access to the Google Workspace applications to work and collaborate with ease. Integrating with the Google Drive API allowed learners to submit work directly from their drives, saving us time and avoiding the need for a custom file upload system.

The Results

With the aid of Google Workspace for Education Plus, we quickly prepared the first version of our learning platform for our Master program by April 2021. Subsequently, we onboarded seven more groups for our Professional Master program and, after becoming an accredited University of Applied Sciences, launched our Bachelor programs.

The Highlight

Google Workplace for Education Plus allowed us to provide crucial core functionality thanks to a combination of a great application suite, easy ways of integration, and a fair licensing model. That gave us the head start we needed to be online in time, and allowed us to focus on figuring out and developing our learning formats and how we deliver the learning experience.

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