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Google Translate API to support research projects



Google Translate API to support research projects

Universität Siegen

The University of Siegen is a strong research university in North Rhine-Westphalia, which offers a wide range of study programs in the humanities, social, natural, engineering and economics. With its focus on practice -oriented teaching and interdisciplinary research, the university offers a diverse learning environment.

The Challenge

The challenge was to provide older people about active and healthy aging on the subjects of movement, memory, security, nutrition and preventive fitness via a voice assistant. A virtual coach will provide personalized recommendations and interventions to improve the quality of life of older people in Europe and Japan.

The Solution

Since the information in the 5 languages ​​de, EN, FR, IT and JP is to be provided, the Translation API was chosen by Google Cloud. Among other things, the reasons for this were comprehensive language support, the high quality of translation and simple integration.

The Results

After the first setup effort, the Google Cloud Translation API works without any problems, especially for coaching devices (NAO robots, etc.). The Google Cloud Translation API enables seamless integration of automatic translation in our E-VITA Coach.

The Highlight

Google Cloud very seriously takes care of the GDPR and provides tools and resources to support customers in fulfilling their obligations in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. The commitment of Google Cloud includes the implementation of robust data protection measures and the provision of contractual commitments.

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