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Google WorkSpace for Education - it can be that easy



Google WorkSpace for Education - it can be that easy

Schule Oberthal

The Oberthal school is located on the edge of the Emmental. All classes are mixed with age and level. Our motto is: Together we get on! We not only write about cooperation, independence and openness, but try to live in everyday school life.

The Challenge

The digital structure of the school consisted of too many puzzle ropes. A connecting unit was missing, a digital school platform. The possibilities of accompanying the lessons digitally were limited on the one hand, and on the other hand, characterized by the fact that each solution had its own pitfalls and entrances.

The Solution

During a part of the lesson, the students learn: self -organized on the inside. The teachers can thus accompany the teachers whenever other pupils: work independently on the inside. In search of a digital learning platform that shows precisely such teaching structures online, we checked several providers. Google WorkSpace for Education stands for the best price/performance ratio.

The Results

The Oberthal school has been building on Google Workspace for Education for almost four years and thus ensures that school internal workers work with the same instruments, terms and learning attendants. The organization of the lessons is smooth and expedient for everyone.

The Highlight

Google WorkSpace for Education allows us to focus on teaching - and not to look for digital tools and companions in days.

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