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How Google Workspace revolutionized our business processes



How Google Workspace revolutionized our business processes

Eduki GmbH

Education is the future - we are convinced of that. For this reason, we want to network teachers together - for more inspiration and a school of tomorrow. We appreciate you, dear teachers! You can find, create and share appealing, current and interactive teaching materials on Eduki.

The Challenge

In 2014 we founded the company Lehrerkolleg LK GmbH. At that time we used an email tool, which, however, did not offer the necessary flexibility and was not designed for business use.

The Solution

Since the launch of teacher marketplace in 2016, we have been on Google Workspace, whereby Gmail and Docs are being used intensively. The platform runs without problems, especially user management is simple and extremely flexible. This seamless integration has significantly improved our work processes.

The Results

Over time, we have expanded our tool set and integrated additional Google tools such as Google Groups. The use of Google Drive and Google Docs has been intensified, which has made the collaboration and exchange of documents considerably easier.

The Highlight

A great advantage of Google Workspace is the flexibility of the user management and its seamless integration with other Google tools such as the Google Cloud Platform. It is reassuring to know that we can fully invest our energy in our business and that we can rely on a reliable platform like Google Workspace.

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