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Limitless collaboration with Google Workspace



Limitless collaboration with Google Workspace

formatio Privatschule

As a state -recognized private school with public law, we have successfully accompanied our students to the international Matura since 1995. Our holistic and innovative concept promotes strengths, gives courage for the development of personality and makes you fit for the digital future.

The Challenge

Digital supported innovative teaching methods need a particularly high degree of cooperation and exchange of information for learners and teachers. The challenge was to find a central platform that enables flexible and efficient communication and teaching design.

The Solution

Google Workspace for Education was able to master these challenges. Google classroom was an essential element of the solution. Documents, tasks and communications can be made available centrally and enrich communication at school. Teachers can create courses in a simple way and work and learn interactively with the learners in a protected environment.

The Results

Google Workspace proved to be the ideal tool. Learners and teachers can exchange documents, presentations and worksheets in real time, edit and give feedback. Working on projects can be organized more efficiently. Everything is accessible in one place, which increases the clarity and time savings are achieved.

The Highlight

By implementing Google WorkSpace for Education, the Formatio Private School in Liechtenstein received an additional platform for its innovative educational work - supplemented with new, modern collaboration options in virtual classrooms.

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