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Media -supported lessons through the latest technology



Media -supported lessons through the latest technology

SIS Saxony International School Cairo West

SIS Cairo West is the first school abroad of the Saxony International School. The educational concept is based on columns such as foreign language and media literacy and ensures a solid development of values ​​and norms. The priorities are German as a language of instruction, promotions and projects and media supported lessons.

The Challenge

The initial situation was that communication between school and parents/students took place by note or homework booklet. The information route was very long and also not reliable if, for example, notes were lost. Especially in times of Corona, this was a big challenge because the information chain was simply too time -consuming.

The Solution

Each teacher received his own email address, as well as the school management. In addition, each child/parent (primary school) was also provided with their own email address and their own file filing system. For this purpose, a file storage was introduced for each class and also for the entire school, in which documents could be shared quickly and easily.

The Results

Pupils, teachers and parents were networked with each other, i.e. both the exchange of emails and the use of a common file storage. Information is passed on by the school management/class management directly and promptly to the parents and students. Documents are always available in the latest version. Documents could be distributed and received during the pandemic.

The Highlight

With the help of the platform, the school was able to survive the Corona period very well. Sudden school closings could be communicated promptly and have all reached in time. Documents for homeschooling were shared for all students and were able to be returned to the teacher. The timely feedback is very important in primary school.

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