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Metadata cloud-linked to laboratory information system



Metadata cloud-linked to laboratory information system

Universitätsspital Basel

The Institute of Medical Genetics and Pathology of the University Hospital Basel provides state-of-the-art morphologic and molecular diagnosis based on tissue and blood samples of patients. It is also involved in research and education.

The Challenge

We use a proprietary laboratory information management system (LIMS) which can handle a limited amount of metadata only. With the introduction of molecular biology and AI-based workflows in clinical diagnostics, novel and more extended metadata exceed the capacity of our laboratory information management system (LIMS).

The Solution

Novel metadata types are collected, organized and managed in Google Workspace. A Google Cloud MySQL server links the sample identification codes of the LIMS to Google Workspace.

The Results

Easy set up of Google Cloud MySQL — Straightforward integration of Google Cloud MySQL with Google Workspace Apps Script — 24/7 uptime

The Highlight

The combination of Google Workspace for handling a wide range of data types with cloud computing will not only facilitate tracking individual tissue / blood samples but also computational pathology approaches across large datasets without the need to locally deploy costly computational infrastructure.

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