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Optimization of school lessons during pandemic



Optimization of school lessons during pandemic

Freie Schule Schwepnitz

"The future belongs to our children. School can be different - we are different." We rely on holistic learning, based on a reform pedagogical concept, whereby the focus is on the individual needs of the children. Completion from secondary school to Abitur with general university entrance qualification are possible at our school.

The Challenge

During the pandemic, solutions were searched to easily implement home schooling and to be able to teach the students at all. In this context, Google Workspace for Education was evaluated.

The Solution

Google Classroom enables easy provision of tasks, is easy to use and therefore ideal for home school. If a teacher fails, another teacher can take over the lessons without any problems, and all Google WorkSpace tools can also be used conveniently on the cell phone.

The Results

After the introduction of Google Workspace for Education, Chromebooks were also purchased. The advantages of Chromebooks lie primarily in their user-friendliness, seamless integration with the Google Workspace applications and their simple administration in the school environment.

The Highlight

The highlight is that students from the 5th grade use Google Workspace, which is an advantage for them because they can work with devices from the start and familiarize themselves with information technology.

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