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Predicting Failures in Complex Software System



Predicting Failures in Complex Software System

Constructor Group

Constructor Group is a research-focused institution located in Switzerland that aims to drive innovation and advance technology through interdisciplinary collaboration and cutting-edge education.

The Challenge

We face the main challenge of processing enormous amounts of data to comparatively evaluate different solutions to find the most effective one.

The Solution

We used Google Cloud to experiment with large scale cloud applications for several weeks with a large variety of data traffic configurations and seeded failures to collect the data needed to comparatively evaluate different solutions.

The Results

We collected a large data set that we used to validate our solution and propose a novel technology for predicting failures in complex software systems. The data we collected on Google cloud allowed us to confirm that our approach performs largely better than state-of-the-art approaches.

The Highlight

By utilizing Google Cloud to conduct experiments on extensive cloud applications and gather a substantial dataset, the researchers were able to validate their solution and introduce a groundbreaking technology for predicting failures in intricate software systems.

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