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Reduced maintenance time and increased flexibility and security



Reduced maintenance time and increased flexibility and security

Verbier International School

VIS is located in the heart of the beautiful village of Verbier. It was founded in 2011 and has grown progressively without losing its family ethos and focus on outdoor education. The school is distinct in that it offers year-round education but also welcomes students and families exclusively for the Winter term.

The Challenge

Working with leased iPads was problematic for several reasons: Device management was difficult, the time to lease and deploy new tablets was way too long, and rolling out new software was an additional challenge. In addition to that, the cost of the devices was rather high.

The Solution

Instead of leasing iPads we purchased Chromebooks for all students. The students can take the Chromebooks home and access all the content they need in both a hybrid and an online teaching setting. In the classroom Chromecasts help to project content on a screen. The Chromebooks are managed from the Google Workspace for Education Admin Console with Chrome Education Upgrades.

The Results

We managed to purchase Chromeboooks for half the price of an iPad. In addition to that, the time our IT staff spends on administering the devices is reduced dramatically. In general, the overall experience with both Google Workspace for Education and the Chromebooks is really positive.

The Highlight

Now that all students have access to a Chromebook with a touch screen that they can take home with them, we can deliver the content to wherever the students are. In addition to that, with Google Workspace and Chromebooks we are working in a flexible and highly secure digital environment.

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