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Seamless collaboration and data security



Seamless collaboration and data security

Lecturio GmbH

Lecturio was founded in Leipzig in 2008 at the Leipzig Commercial College. In a global team, we work every day to revolutionize digital learning. Our online learning platform offers over 10,000 courses we produce in the areas of medicine, law, taxes, software, business and professional development.

The Challenge

Since our company was founded, we have consistently relied on Google Workspace. The decision was easy because the founders were already familiar with Google tools and didn't consider any other solution. Google Workspace offers everything we need for our corporate communication and supports us in our daily work processes.

The Solution

We rely heavily on Google Drive, Google Sheets and Google Docs, especially due to our remote working style. These tools are extremely convenient and have virtually eliminated the need for paper printing. Our entire company operates digitally, and these tools allow us to collaborate efficiently, regardless of our location.

The Results

For us, Google Chat is an indispensable tool for quick coordination and communication within the team. We also use Google Meet with Global Dialing, which allows us to make calls to over 100 countries directly from the meeting. This function has greatly facilitated our international cooperation.

The Highlight

Particularly noteworthy are the fast and effective support from Google and the well-thought-out workflows, especially from Drive for Desktop. The large amounts of data in our video productions can also be easily processed with Google Workspace and sharing files with internal and external stakeholders is very popular with our customers.

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