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Streamlining Collaboration and Simplifying Administration



Streamlining Collaboration and Simplifying Administration

BIS School Haimhausen

The Bavarian International School in Haimhausen is a prestigious international school near Munich, Germany, offering a world-class education from pre-kindergarten to grade 12, with a focus on academic excellence, global citizenship, and personal growth.

The Challenge

The administrators utilized the Microsoft mail server and calendar, while the teachers did not have a calendar system in place. Instead, the teachers relied on an on-premise Linux server for their email, which had a front-end interface using Squirrel mail. However, significant issues arose with the shared drives and overall functionality.

The Solution

The introduction of Google Workspace for Education greatly facilitated collaboration on files, email, and teaching materials as everything was conveniently centralized in one location. Additionally, the utilization of Google Classroom made it effortless for teachers to share instructional resources with their students.

The Results

Google Workspace proved to be a significant time-saving solution for both teachers and administrators, thanks to its seamless collaborative document editing capabilities and centralized administration of users and resources.

The Highlight

Previously, the process of providing accreditation documents to the external audit agency was labor-intensive. However, with the implementation of Google Workspace for Education, this task has been simplified to a mere matter of sharing a folder.

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