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Teaching and learning will be flexible



Teaching and learning will be flexible

Sabine Blindow Schulen

We are experienced professionals in teaching. Our teachers combine theory & amp; Practice in our various training courses. Many of our teachers were even students with us and came back to us after studying and a few years of work. You can trust your diverse experience when it comes to questions and problems.

The Challenge

With the Corona pandemic, lessons had to be digitized overnight so that the students are still supplied with lessons. As a private school, it is the top priority for us that we can offer a high -quality learning environment at any time. Due to the long -term use of Google for Education, the change in lessons within a day was no problem.

The Solution

Only a few classes used Google before pandemic. Thanks to the very user -friendly interface, the classrooms could be rolled out to another 400 students within one day. Even now after pandemic, Google for Education is still being used and is very popular with teachers and students. We carried out the training of our teachers on our own.

The Results

All students still have an online day and are taught live thanks to Google Meet. The school's spatial capacities hardly represent an obstacle. Students and teachers who - e.g. B. for reasons of illness - cannot come to school, can pursue or carry out the lessons hybrid. Fileuploads in the classroom save a lot of paper and are environmentally friendly.

The Highlight

"I can no longer imagine our school without Google for Education. It is now part of the everyday life of all students and teachers. It enables new teaching methods and offers location-independent opportunities for cooperation. In addition, it is very easy to administer from an IT perspective
And works with all the devices. "
Philipp Blindow, teacher & digitization officer

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