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The development from a tablet to the digital school



The development from a tablet to the digital school

SMS Mondsee

Sport is the focus of the Mondsee sports middle school. German, English, mathematics is taught in team teaching. Other priorities are music & amp; Band, represent & amp; Design, nutrition & amp; Business, computer science & amp; Media and craft & amp; Design, which contributes to a holistic education.

The Challenge

The SMS Mondsee started in 2015 with a tablet class, in which 24 of the 350 students from the school received tablets financed by parents. Due to the digitization initiative, the school was able to increase to 300 devices, which means almost a 1: 1 equipment. The management of the tablets should be ensured by the extended mobile device management of Google WorkSpace.

The Solution

With Google WorkSpace for Education, the mobile end devices can be easily managed and safety functions such as the possibility of force pass codes or deleting devices remote are used. In addition, WorkSpace offers tools tailored to classes such as B. Google Classroom.

The Results

On the one hand, the extended mobile device management of Google Workspace makes the work of the administrator easier and increases the data security of the devices, but on the other hand, many Google apps are also used intensively by all students: inside and teachers. Even in 1st grade, presentations are already being worked on with Google.

The Highlight

The mobile end devices are indispensable from everyday school life, including because many school apps and tools and links are also used. In addition, confirmation for the use of Google WorkSpace for Education on the devices by the Ministry of Education provided the parents a good argument to support the use of the devices in class.

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