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With WorkSpace Edu through the Lockdown



With WorkSpace Edu through the Lockdown

VG Hofheim i. Ufr.

The association school Hofheim i.ufr. is located in the northwestern part of the Haßberge district. The city of Hofheim i.ufr. And the municipalities of Aidhausen, Riedbach, Bundorf and Burgprepeppach form the school association. The schools promote the personality and growing up of the students: inside and striving to make the skills reality.

The Challenge

The Corona Lockdowns met the public with full force. Many were unprepared on that, so it happened to us. A quick solution was needed. Data exchange, storage capacity, video conference platforms, regulations and flexibility. All of these keywords suddenly had a very high priority.

The Solution

After considering the possibilities and a visit to another school in the neighboring district, the decision was made on Google Workspace for Education. All of our requirements could be served promptly.

The Results

Each student receives their own school email address. Each school class has a group email address. The central administration of approx. 500 accounts and approx. 160 mobile devices is carried out by 3 teachers.

The Highlight

"The administration of Google WorkSpace for Education is simple and practical. You don't need a lot of training time to familiarize yourself with it."
Christian Wendland, IT administrator

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